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What is Humidification?

Humidification is the process of introducing humidity into the environment via the release of evaporated water to increase the relative humidity within a room/area.

Applications for Humification.

There are various domestic and commercial applications for humidifiers.


Domestic uses for humidifiers mainly focus on health benefits, especially during dry winters, it increases the humidity in the air and can help alleviate dry skin, chapped lips, helps your home feel warmer, prevents damage to wood in the home, helps prevent snoring and other cold weather related conditions.


In commercial applications, the requirement for humidification is more vital as it can help prevent anything from the spread of disease within hospitals to preserving artefacts and books in museums and libraries.

Past Projects.

Inca UK work closely with many of the leading humidification suppliers throughout the UK and install and maintain these units predominantly in Scotland and Northern England, although we will travel further afield if requested to do so.

Commercial settings where humidification units have been installed, commissioned or maintained by our specialised team include;

Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, Diageo Distillery, University of Glasgow Library, Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, Jeldwen and Kelvin Hall Museum.


At HISS, we service the following equipment from leading suppliers, including Carel UK and Divatec.

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